Company Profile

We understand what it takes to invest in that one person who could add value not just to a particular product but to the company on the whole. This person is a big part of the core to the operation of the company. A lot of investment is made in this one person. Investment is not restricted just to money and other resources but time as well. Time is the biggest asset of them all.

The business and the day-to-day operations depend excessively on this one man who has come to be known as the key person.

When something happens to this man, the company truly gets affected. The burden that the management has to bear becomes too heavy to take. This is where we come in.

In the case of the inevitable, we provide support to the company to bear that loss. The expense that the business incurs because of the loss of that key man is no longer undertaken by the company. This expense is reimbursed by us.

We understand the difficulty that the company goes through in the finding someone to replace the key man and ensure that the operations do not suffer in the process. The business does not and should not stop no matter what problems arise. We are here to take the company through these hard times and bring them out with the least possible scarring. That is our specialty.

We protect your business and prevent any financial loss that takes place when you lose a key member of your staff. We cover losses ranging from critical illness to death. We provide life insurance cover as well.

Speak to our independent advisers and get the best quotes for any incident that could occur. We are here to stand by you through tough times. We provide key man insurance.